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Howdy to all the new folks who have made it here from the friending meme, and howdy to everyone else who might be reading. Given the new people and the fact that the last one was like two years ago, it seems like a good time to do this again.

What you see here before you is an open thread, so comment with absolutely anything your heart desires. This is open to non-subscribers too. Have fun!

Share something awesome. Tell me how you've been. Tell someone else how you've been. Ask for a fic snippet (I'll do my best to gratify). Share a fic snippet. Tell a good joke, or a terrible one. Post your grocery list. Anything goes. Only ground rule is "play nice."

Meanwhile, we here in the Land of Blue Grass are enjoying day three of an arctic blast. Polar vortex? Whatever; it's really effing cold. I am about 95% certain that I will never be warm again, and my poor smooth-coated Jack Russell, who loathes cold weather and nopes out hard when you try to take her out for more time than it takes to do her business, is totally wild from multiple days cooped up indoors and driving me crazy. Good times, good times. The snow I don't mind, but I would pay cash money to see a high temperature greater than 19* sometime this week. Go home, Snow Miser, you're drunk.
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Merry Christmas, all!

I hope you got to spend it however you like best. May the end of the year treat you well, and warmest wishes for a joyful and blessed 2015.

I know I've not been around much this year, but I'm still so glad to have all of you in my life. ♥
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I find that I require fanfic about Kate Cold from City of the Beasts posthaste, por favor.

That is all.

Also: hi. Yes, I am indeed still alive.

[reading it in Spanish so I can't vouch for the English translation, but I am seriously in love with this book...]
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Because I'm pretty sure most of the people in my circle will get as big of a kick out of this as I did:

1. Go to
2. Type in the konami code (using the arrows: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A)
3. Press A as many times as you need to be happy

Made. My. Day.
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Unfuck Tomorrow Morning is hands-down the kindest thing I've ever learned to do for myself. I've been doing it religiously for a year and a half now and I cannot tell you the difference twenty minutes in the evening has made for my quality of life.

TW: The blog Unfuck Your Habitat deals with cleaning and organization (albeit in a bite-sized, do-what-you-can kind of way), so you might not want to click if you find that sort of thing anxiety-producing.
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It's always a good idea to read the question before you answer it. Honest.

... yep. Still grading.
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This here is an open thread.

Say whatever you'd like. Ask me something, tell me what you've been up to, whatever. See: open thread.

If you're really nice and I get sick enough of grading, I might even write something for you.


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